Emergent Dialogue

What is Emergent Dialogue?

A contemplative process of mutual inquiry between two or more people using the skills of Focusing, Nonviolent Communication, and/or other emergent processes. The goal is to allow the unclear and the felt meaning of experience to be reported and empathically reflected by all listening parties. A topic evolves mutually by paying attention to any resonance between inner experience and the other's report. The result is intimacy and all parties learning something profoundly new.

How Does It Start?

We start by one party reporting some meaningful yet incomplete experience occurring in the present moment, all parties pausing to contact their experience with curiosity and friendliness, and then reflecting that report or sharing an emergent experience that that report stimulated. It can also start with a guided attunement, with NVC exercises, with a stimulative reading, or with a suggested theme, such as "how have you been affected by recent environmental news?". We stay in 'emergent mode' or a Focusing mode and step back from intellectual excitement.


Below is a diagram you may be interested in, crossing NVC (Nonviolent Communication) with Focusing. You may also explore my BLOG page for new postings, or request a session where I guide you through an experience of Focusing and/or NVC.

Activities during Emergent Dialogue May Include

  • Recognizing and articulating the CLEAR DOMAINS of one's perception separately as observation, feeling, need, image, thought, view, memory, gesture, aspiration, insight, habit, aversion, etc...

  • Sustaining a dialogue with the FELT SENSE.

  • INDIVIDUATING self from other.

  • Avoiding a mere EXCHANGE OF DATA, sympathizing, or analyzing/fixing.

  • Helping others to get to KNOW THEMSELVES over 'getting to know them', seeing other as possessing a 'gold mine' of wisdom and caring in the process of emerging, and supporting that emergence

  • Applying SKILLS OF PRESENCE from Focusing, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and others.

  • Practicing EMPATHY by being grounded in the feeling and underlying needs/values of the moment.
Emergent Dialogue

Benefits of Emergent Dialogue

  • Generates felt connection and dissipates 'otherness'

  • Normalize and create support for the undercurrent of and suffering within our lives

  • Carry forward and integrate on-the-cushion meditation

  • Contribute to a shift from a worldview of separation to an experience of interbeing

  • Liberate creativite action, care, and inclusivity

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